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Company Departments.

Special Needs / Ambulance / Special Services / Special Engineering Equipment / Developing and enhancing vans / Busses and other vehicles.

Upholstery / Wood and Chrome Coating / Design and Implementation / Electronics / Yacht Maintenance and Restoration Department.

special preparations for the ladies, where they can choose between the various interior and exterior design options

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Ever since its establishment in 1978, Moda car has broken barriers by starting off with merely a humble vision, inevitably flourishing into becoming one of the largest automotive development companies in the Kingdom through passion, precision and persistence.

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ModaCar Specialties and Main Departments

Technical Services

offer finest professional services that satisfy all the various tastes

Auto Restoration

Maintenance & Repair, creating solutions for accurate cars repair


Elegant aesthetic accents that reflect your personality and individuality.

Wood&Chrome Coating

transforming cars interior into artistic and exhilarating coating forms

Design & execution

Change your car look from average looking to ultra-sporty and unique

Electronics/High tech

Latest A/V tec. Sensors and remote control, satellite TV-GPS, Space Internet

Special Needs

Provides all vehicles requirements needed through special equipment


Gained the expertise on how to equip various cars / Ambulance

V.I.P Busses

Special preparations for vans, busses and other vehicles comfort and style

Airplanes & Privet Jet

Renovate & personalize Airplanes & Privet Jet,interior & exterior designs

Yacht Renovation

Demo Text for Sevices Channel, V.I.P Busses. Demo Text for Sevices Channel,

Special Equipment

Provide aesthetic touches added to the car interior and exterior design


Check out some of our latest and greatest works

  • AirJet Renovation

  • Busses Development

  • Portable Medical Clinics

  • Old Cars Re Innovation

  • Cars Interior Development

  • Busses Interior Development

  • Portable Exhibitions

  • Exterior Car Development

  • Special Interior for Ladies



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MODACARAl Rayaan District, Jeddah 23741 KSA

Phone: +966 (2) 2150310