Welcome To MODACAR


Ever since its establishment in 1978, Moda car has broken barriers by starting off with merely a humble vision, inevitably flourishing into becoming one of the largest automotive development companies in the Kingdom through passion, precision and persistence. Constructed by Moda Cars two essential building blocks, being Authentic and Modern, a firm foundation was established and then embellished with customer care and superior quality, all of which lead to Moda Car being the go-to place for all who seek ritziness, luxury and individuality. With its enchanting touches, excellent detailing, and constant aim for customer satisfaction, Moda Car has transformed the ordinary into exquisite masterpieces, exuding luxury and sophistication. And with that, Moda Car earned its place with its originality, exceeding its competitors with professionalism and meticulousness, while delivering unmatched quality service. We do not look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward.

With the upper hand of having a strong commitment to excellence and the development of processes and procedures, Moda Car gets the ultimate competitive advantage. This high level of determination and ambition allows Moda Car to transcend expectations and makes it worth merit. After starting off with a humble workshop in Jeddah, and ultimately progressing to four branches in addition to our main office, Moda Car has earned its prime position amongst other major auto development companies in the Kingdom. In its continuing success, Moda Car has maintained consistency with the industrial development in its relentless aspiration to improve the service quality provided to our clients. With this dedication and passion, Moda Cars ambitious vision essentially spread across the GCC countries, Iraq and Tunisia, placing it amongst the leading automative development pioneers, locally and regionally.

We raise the bar so high, yet keep our aspirations even higher in order to continuously strive towards collecting the latest and most innovative insights on automative technology, bringing forth the latest technological advances and constantly keeping track with the industrial development and being one step ahead. We pride ourselves in guaranteeing to our clients our full commitment in meeting their needs and in satisfying their various tastes, and with diligence, we always deliver when it comes to service quality and obtaining a clear vision for future challenges.

Our Mission

An ongoing aspiration to develop cars and enhance our services in order to provide the various needs by using the latest technology and equipment, relying on worldwide means and resources.

Our Technical Departments:

As a leading company, Moda Cars integrated systems run in smooth harmony with one another to offer our customers the finest professional services that satisfy all the various tastes.

Auto Restoration Department:

Our Maintenance and Repair Department is considered the first building block to our solid base upon which Moda Car has been established and eventually branched off into other departments, expanding its fields via its well studied methodology to meet the needs of our clients and provide them with more than what is expected. This department is dedicated in finding solutions for accurate and perfected car repair, therefore making high quality and commitment the key requirements of this department. Our commitment extends all the way to using the finest quality paints from renowned global brands with guaranteed quality. With this dedication and honourability at work, Moda Car has earned its credibility with its clients, in addition to earning an excellent reputation, placing us amongst the most important specialised centers in Jeddah, acclaimed for their maintenance efficiency and car restoration.

Upholstery and Furnishing Department

Moda Cars creative sector is the most vital and is connected to everything new and innovative in the world of car interior design. Apart from selecting the finest global leather brands, our specialists creative touches and innovative ideas add to your car a superior and fine look. Starting with the wheels and rims thats color can be altered according to your new interior, in addition to a wooden touch according to taste, changing the upholstery or renovating it, or by simply using elegant aesthetic accents that reflect your personality and individuality.

Wood and Chrome Coating Department

Everyone strives for fine and luxurious looking cars, and tastes differ in achieving this, but one thing stays constant and that is the desire to step out of what is ordinary. This is where the Wood and Chrome Department comes in. Here, we aim to achieve these desires and respond to the many different preferences through aesthetic touches and transforming cars interior into artistic and exhilarating forms that are luxurious and specially equipped to suit all tastes.

Design and Implementation Department

This department takes care of the cas exterior, where our professional technicians refine the frameworks alterations and enhancements, to the extent where even the window tint, headlights and gauges color can be altered, too. Our creativity goes all the way out to adding sporty touches to your car and transforming it from average looking to ultra sporty and unique, in keeping up with our commitment to high standards and providing specifications such as air resistance and aerodynamics. With this efficiency and creativity, the Design and Implementation department now competes with the top automotive development companies, certified by some of the most prestigious car dealers.

Electronics Department

Electronics and accessories have gained the advantage when it comes to extra attention at Moda Car. This is mainly due to the areas technical development, ranging from acoustics and car supplies all the way to security and luxury. This department strives to satisfy all our clients needs with professional, high quality standards aimed at satisfying everyones needs by offering the following services:

  • The latest audio and video technology by the top brands
  • Sensors and remote control
  • Sensors and remote control -Satellite communication equipment (satellite TV-GPS)
  • Space Internet (functional in more than 130 countries)
  • Special Needs Department

    Moda Car pays much attention to cars with special needs owners. This department provides all the requirements needed through special equipment for their vehicles to help in boarding and disembarking with ease, without having to rely on others, in addition to specialised equipment that minimises the disabilitys impact and ensures safety.

    Ambulance Department

    This department is considered a challenge to Moda Car, as we kept studying in depth the details of these vehicles, and gained knowledge on all the medical apparatus conforming to all the specifications and international standard of these ambulances. In addition to that, Moda Car gained the expertise on how to equip various cars, whether American, Japanese or European. The results exceeded satisfaction and met the global standards in addition to ensuring the compatibility of all practical and applied aspects. This department has received a high position in the field of ambulance manufacturing and in being highly competitive on both local and regional levels. This departments speciality:

  • Compliance with international standards recognised by the ambulance industry
  • Unique and special designs in compliance to clients request
  • Immediate after sales service
  • Special Engineering Equipment Department

    This department meets the special demands and tastes in terms of engineering equipment and aesthetic touches added to the cars interior and exterior in order to achieve the luxury our clients dream of. Our technical team at Moda Car enjoys a high sense of realisation to the various needs, and responds by providing several options up to standard when it comes to comfort and luxury. This department excels at presenting three business categories:

    First Category:
    Includes special preparations for vans, busses and other vehicles, where they are developed and enhanced with all the essential needs for comfort and style in order to transform into a spectacular masterpiece with the highest measures of luxury and comfort. These are merely steps and creative touches that transform your average vehicle into a magnificent mobile home.
    Second Category:
     Includes all the special preparations for the ladies. Moda Car tends ladies demands as well and aims at meeting all their needs through adding delicate feminine touches to their vehicles starting from pink shades and the finest of velvet upholstery materials all the way to interior decorations from curtains and cabinets to cosmetics tools and allotted places for organising jewellery, coinciding with the feminine taste.
    Third Category:

    Includes specialised equipment to transform vans and busses into independent mobile technical services, as Moda Car creates integrated studio preparations inside vans, in addition to transforming special busses into mobile clinics and blood transfusion enters to meet the need of patients wherever they are. This department is currently running a study to assess the possibility of setting up a mobile civil hospital.
     It includes all the medical equipment and requirements in accordance with the highest international standards.

    Yacht Maintenance and Restoration Department

    Moda Cars attention and interest exceeded land vehicles to include boats and yachts as well, as our creative technical team ads their innovative touches to interior restorations, decor, paint renewal in addition to external and internal framework. So if youre ever in need of repairs or routine maintenance that cannot be done due to your busy schedule, we are fully prepared to take care of your yacht on your behalf, or if you would like to make some renovations and personalise your yacht, then this is what pleases us and ignites our passion for creativity.

    Yacht Renovation and Maintenance Services:

  • Restoration services and decor change
  • Woodwork add-ons and elegant interior furnishings
  • Engine and generator maintenance
  • Wooden structure and roof restoration
  • Inner and outer structure paint coating renewal
  • Mechanical and electronically equipment -Sail restoration
  • Our Medical Clients:

  • Civil Defence
  • Saudi Aramco
  • King Faisal Air Base
  • King Abdullah Medical City
  • Saudia Airlines
  • Abdul Lateef Jameel Company, Ltd
  • Bin Laden Company
  • Al-Jomaih Car Company
  • Global Franchise Company
  • Al Juffali Company
  • Mohammed Yusuf Naghi Group
  • King Salaman Military Hospital, Tabuk
  • Dr Soliman Fakieh Hospital
  • Erfan Hospital
  • International Medical Hospital
  • Taiba Doctors Association, Madinah
  • King Abdulaziz University
  • Inspection and Pre-Delivery Department:

    This department is dedicated to inspecting and assessing all vehicles along with associated tools and matching them with high standard quality specifications. This, in addition to the implementation of internal and external car cleaning, polishing, and delivering the vehicles to our clients in the best possible form.

    General Company Departments:

  • Special Needs Department
  • Ambulance Department
  • Special Services
  • Special Engineering Equipment Department
  • First Category:

  • Developing and enhancing vans
  • busses and other vehicles
  • Second Category:

  • Includes all the special preparations for the ladies, where they can choose between the various interior and exterior design options
  • Third Category:

  • Specialised equipment for enhancing vans and busses
  • Upholstery Department
  • Wood and Chrome Coating Department
  • Design and Implementation Department
  • Electronics Department
  • Yacht Maintenance and Restoration Department